Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey Neil, Your Bin's in Yamba!

Have to share this one from my Lower Coldstream corespondent. Amongst the debris on the rocks at Yamba is a bin from the Upper Clarence adventure tourism property, "The Gorge". These bright bins have featured previously on Clarence Valley Today. If only this bin could speak and tell us of it's miraculous 100km plus journey from the Upper Clarence to the seaside amongst raging flood waters.


  1. LOL - wow! It's certainly been an experience - we just moved from dry, dusty SA to Ulmarra a few weeks ago. It's definitely different! Fortunately, our house remained dry, but the main street here was well and truly flooded. There's some pics of Ulmarra up on my blog:

    Glad I found your blog - great pics!

  2. I'd like to think The Gorge is a well kept secret - do you think this is a devious plan of Neil's to promote the place???

  3. Lots of great photos of the flood Mark. I think you've managed to capture aspects of the Clarence flood that the traditional media have missed.
    For instance l have been telling everyone about the shot above with the yellow wheelie bin from the gorge.

  4. Interesting- I can't get my head round the scale- is that model bin or are they really felled trees?


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