Monday, January 28, 2013

Flood Peak Passes Through Grafton

The Clarence River peaked at Grafton at 9.15am @ 8.09m, the river hovered slightly below this figure until midday. At 2 pm it has dropped to 8m, wow just an unbelievable event that began on Saturday night!  I never thought I would live to see an 8m+ flood and am very glad/grateful that the levee system held (more on that later).
Thoughts must of course move down river to Ulmarra, Brushgrove, Maclean and all the small villages on the flood plain and the worry and misery that a catastrophic flood brings.


  1. Toast the brains behind the wall height - well done!

  2. Great shot of the South side Mark. We were evacuated over at my corner. Caught some shots before and after our forced "time out". So pleased all held up well (well enough- just).


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