Monday, March 4, 2013

Time to Build the Ark

Grafton has just had another flood!!! The 3rd flood in 5 weeks!!!. This one just got over the moderate level at 3.6m.
With lots of timber about maybe it's time to build that Ark. I have a pair of Plovers who are waiting to get on board.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Boats are Sailing

It's a big flood when the boats on the colourful toilet block mural @ South Grafton Marina get to actually sail in real water.

Flood Peak

The Clarence River peaked at 6.28m at 6.30am. The Bureau was predicting 5.8m at 1.00am so they were a bit out, but not as much as last time.
The Sailing Club has been in the news this week with locals outraged over a large scale piece of graffiti that was sprayed across the main office, you can just see it on the white wall to the left.

Dovedale Flood Gauge

Thanks to my Dovedale correspondent for this terrific shot of a home made flood peak gauge. It manages to combine masculine and feminine elements in an improvised but useful device.

South Grafton Common Full

Grafton and South Grafton were very lucky yesterday afternoon and early evening that the flood gates were still open and vast amount of water that fell ( 150-200mm) behind the levee system escaped into the main river system.
The South Grafton Common is still, however, holding a large amount of water that has been trapped since the flood gates closed sometime late in the night.

Easier Night for the Bats

The Fruit Bats must've had a torrid time last night in the torrential rain and gales, they look very keen to get some food in peace tonight.

Flood Sunset

BOM is predicting a flood peak of 5.8m at 1am. It is still a major flood but if the Bureau is correct then it will be low enough not to breach some of the levees below Grafton, such as Clarenza and Great Marlow, and therefore widespread rural inundation might be avoided.
At sunset the Clarence River seemed a bit quicker than earlier this afternoon, a sign the peak is not too far away.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Poor South Grafton Bowling Club, a few weeks ago the struggling club was inundated with flood waters, today they are holding a garage sale to raise some funds for all the uninsured repairs as flood waters once again are rising.
BOM have just released their latest predictions for a flood peak at Grafton and are now stating a 5.6m major flood at 3am on Sunday morning.

Here We Go Again!

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a flood warning for the Clarence River. Since 2.30pm Grafton has experienced torrential rain, cyclonic winds with embedded thunderstorms in the squalls. There is severe local flooding with local creeks running a banker, but with the flood gates still open this water is escaping into the main river. BOM think tomorrow night for a moderate flood of at least 3.6m.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey Neil, Your Bin's in Yamba!

Have to share this one from my Lower Coldstream corespondent. Amongst the debris on the rocks at Yamba is a bin from the Upper Clarence adventure tourism property, "The Gorge". These bright bins have featured previously on Clarence Valley Today. If only this bin could speak and tell us of it's miraculous 100km plus journey from the Upper Clarence to the seaside amongst raging flood waters.

Clean Up @ South Bowls Club

More Yamba Shots

Main Beach

Convent Beach

Incredible shots of flood debris from Yamba, no swimming for some time.
Not sure who took these shots but thanks. Maybe KR.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Convent Beach Yamba

This is a shot of Convent Beach in Yamba!!!! Incredible amount of Debris. Thanks to an unknown corespondent via Inverell Girl for this shot.

Kochie in Grafton This Morning

Monday, January 28, 2013

Flood Peak Passes Through Grafton

The Clarence River peaked at Grafton at 9.15am @ 8.09m, the river hovered slightly below this figure until midday. At 2 pm it has dropped to 8m, wow just an unbelievable event that began on Saturday night!  I never thought I would live to see an 8m+ flood and am very glad/grateful that the levee system held (more on that later).
Thoughts must of course move down river to Ulmarra, Brushgrove, Maclean and all the small villages on the flood plain and the worry and misery that a catastrophic flood brings.

Search Operation

There have been reports of someone in the river about an hour ago. The Westpac Helicopter has been scouring the banks of Dovedale with thermal imagining equipment. Let's hope it's not true.

Water Damaged Home in Dovedale

Yamba Storm Damage

Thanks to KB for this shot.

Another Peak Forecast

BOM has now revised their peak to 8.1 at midday. Here is a shot of Col Green, manager of the South Club, there is about 6inches in their premises.
Have heard they are evacuating Dovedale.

Kegs Afloat in South Grafton

No Drinking in the Park

South Grafton Ex-Servicemans Club

New Peak Forecast

At 7.25 BOM revised their forecast to 8m @ 12.00pm. Once again the Bureau is playing catch up. My Upper Clarence Correspondent forecast this as they minimum peak 12 hours ago.
This is a shot of the South Grafton Bowling Club at the end of Wharf St. It is outside the main levee and now has a few inches of water in it.

South Grafton @4am

Big News

There are lots of media crews set up getting ready for the Breakfast TV crossovers.

Sailing Club @ 4.00am

Grafton Bridge @ 4am

At 5.00am the Prince St Gauge read 7.8m and still rising. BOM are predicting a peak of 7.9 at 9.00am: I hope they are right!

No Picture Just Information

BOM has just predicted a peak of 7.9m in Grafton - they state that the peak will get to Lilydale at midnight but it still hasn't peaked at the Upper Clarence Corespondent's property which is 2hrs prior to the Lilydale peak. His latest forecast for Grafton is between 7.86 and 8.28m, please note that these are levels based on historical flood data and my correspondent is heading into very uncharted waters!! (no pun intended) Not sure if I will get anymore updates tonight but take precautions and take care.
There is apparently a preliminary evacuation order for Grafton east of Prince St.


Meet Larry, a Golden Cockerspaniel who is experiencing his flood, he looks very calm and collected.

Railway Workers Flood Measure

In the old days when Grafton was a rail town with a 1000 workers involved they used to paint the flood peaks on the southern pier, the highest was 1950 which converts to 7.2m. This flood will will go a lot higher, the records are as follows
1890 27ft or 8.23 m
1921 22ft or 7.7m
2001 22ft or 7.7m
2011 25ft or 7.64m

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